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Netherton Foundry Shropshire


For over three decades, Neil and Sue Currie’s at Netherton Foundry (their family owned business located in South Shropshire) has been designing and making cookery products.  They combine traditional engineering techniques, iron, oak, and copper, and materials from the local neighbouring counties (as much as they) can to fabricate their amazing range of spun iron pans and cookware. 

Their ethos is to be as environmentally conscious, and to make their products to the very highest standards. Using materials that last and last, and to have as little overall impact on the planet as they reasonably can, is embedded deep into the heart of the business. 

'Here at Mr. Wolf, we think their products are fantastically made, we wholeheartedly recommend The Netherton range of products.'


Dave Coulson

David J Coulson is a proud North-Easterner, and the Chef Patron of the hugely popular, award-winning, fine dining, Peace and Loaf Restaurant in Jesmond, and its sister venture Peace of Pie.

David learned to chef from a young age, by being in kitchens and being taught to cook while on the job. He worked in some finely regarded kitchens with inspiring chefs, some Michelin Star holders amongst them. The job was hard, educational and rewarding.

Despite not one for wanting to be in the public eye he has given a very good account for himself by reaching the Finals of Professional Master Chef in 2010, and also getting close to the banquet in Great British Menu in 2018. He is a most creative and skilful chef, constantly thinking about creating stunningly good food for his restaurant, and pie shop.

'David is a very close and dear friend of Mr. Wolf and has supported and encouraged me with my spice venture over the years, something I am deeply grateful for'

Hamish Dow Creator of Mr Wolf Spices





Over 20 years ago Natalie Clifton created a range of knives that combined the brilliance and craftsmanship of Japanese steel, and the handle balance of Western kitchen knives. Natalie is an expert in knife design, and has an astonishing depth of knowledge on the subject, as well and an unquenchable desire to educate, and inform, on all matters to do with what makes a truly great working knife. 

She has collaborated with many of the best chefs in the UK to develop her fantastic range of knives that are manufactured in Japan. She, too, has collaborated with Dick and Angel Strawbridge, for those who are familiar with the popular T.V. series, “Escape To The Chateau”.

Professional chefs and home cooks alike, appreciate the quality, and balance, of these superbly sharp knives. 

I.O.Shen is a by-word for excellence, and the knives are sold an appreciated all around the world.

I.O.Shen is Mr.Wolf’s preferred choice of kitchen knife.

'I love that there is a knife for every job, from filleting, paring, butchery, bread (works a treat as a pork crackling blade too, and general utility.'

Hamish Dow Creator of Mr Wolf Spices



Majella Taylor AKA Pavlova & Cream

Majella Taylor has been a food photographer for over 15 years but only recently during the pandemic starting really cooking herself. She describes her cooking as homely, comfort food and she loves a one-pot-wonder.
Stews and curries and her favourite dishes to create and she is always keen to learn more.
She’s very passionate about food and drink and has been since she started working in hospitality 27 years ago.












































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